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Dry eye syndrome is a chronic and typically progressive condition. Depending on its cause and severity, it may not be completely curable. But in most cases, dry eyes can be managed successfully, usually resulting in noticeably greater eye comfort, fewer dry eye symptoms, and sometimes sharper vision as well.

Our dry eye evaluation will discover the root cause of your dry eye syndrome and allow us to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Jenvis Dry Eye
Jenvis Dry Eye


The Tear Breakup Time and Tear Film Analysis is a method of determining the stability of the tear film and checking for evaporative dry eye. An unstable tear film can explain dry eye symptoms in patients who have a normal quantity of tears. Unstable tear film means that the tear composition is imbalanced, resulting in tears evaporating too quickly or not adhering properly to the surface of the eye.


Meibomian gland dysfunction is responsible for dry eye symptoms in many patients. The Meibomian glands produce the oily layer of the tears. When there is inflammation or blockage of the glands they can atrophy and die away. Once atrophied they can not produce as much meibum. Meibography is the only in-vivo means to evaluate the morphology of the meibomian glands to see if they have been damaged. 



TempSure Envi presents an innovative approach to addressing dry eyes, providing a gentle and effective treatment option. By utilizing controlled radiofrequency energy, TempSure Envi targets areas around the eyes to stimulate collagen production and promote tear production. The application of gentle heat helps to loosen and melt away blockages in the meibomian glands, crucial for maintaining healthy tear flow and hydration. Patients often find the treatment comfortable and relaxing, with no downtime required afterward. With regular sessions spaced appropriately, TempSure Envi can significantly alleviate dry eye symptoms, leading to improved eye comfort and overall well-being.



The MiBo Thermoflo is a therapeutic medical device providing a safe and effective alternative therapy for dry eyes. It uses a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump to help maximize liquefaction of meibum, thus improving preservation and function of the evaporative component of the tear film.

  • Therapeutic

  • Lasting Benefits

  • Relaxing

  • Immediate Relief

The MiBo Thermoflo supplies continuous controlled heat that is applied to the outer skin of the eye lids along with ultrasound gel for a gentle massage. The heat is absorbed deep into the tissue and breaks down the hardened lipids in the meibomian glands.

  • No Pain

  • No Downtime

  • Wonderful for Eye Strain

  • No side effects

With a specific prescribed therapy regimen the ducts of the meibomian glands will secrete thinner and clearer lipids which will allow for a healthier tear film.


  • Punctal Plugs

  • Moisture Goggles

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Artificial Tears and Ointments

  • Prescription Medication

We offer a full range of products and services to help keep your eyes nourished, eyelids clean, and more.

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