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Atropine at a 1% concentration has long been known to be the most effective treatment for progressive myopia. This eye drop medication at this concentration has been very popular with children with myopia in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore for many years.

Although atropine 1% is proven to be safe and there are no long-term negative side effects. It has however the temporary side effects of light sensitivity and blurry near vision. In 2018, the landmark ATOM2 study of different concentrations of atropine and effects in myopia control showed that atropine at a 0.01% concentration (diluted 100 times) has 50% effectiveness in curbing myopia progression without the side effects experienced at higher concentrations. Thus, atropine 0.01% has become the standard treatment for progressive myopia. Children with myopic parents, those who spend a lot of time reading with lots of schoolwork, and those who have developed myopia at young age are most indicated for use of this drop once a day.

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